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Getting you connected to GOD, His word and His people!

helping you get connected to GOD His word and His people!

Beginning in Baltimore, Maryland and extending globally, HHT is engaged in the preaching, promoting and practice of a historic, Biblical and experiential Christianity to the glory of GOD in Christ Jesus and the good of His people. We're helping you get connected to GOD, His word and His people! In fact, our mission is:

Getting you connected to GOD, His word and His people!

  • Getting you connected to GOD- Getting you connected to GOD is your entrance into the Kingdom of GOD. The believer is empowered to think and understand correctly about GOD, man, and the world based on the revealed Word of GOD, the Bible.  This leads to...
  • Getting you connected to GOD's word - The goal of getting connected to GOD's word is to enable the believer to cultivate Biblical beliefs regarding love, sex, money, death, and every other aspect of life. This leads the believer to ...
  • Getting you connected to GOD's people - The goal of getting connected to GOD's people is discovering your purpose in Christ. And that purpose is tied into our position in the Body of Christ, the church. By discovering your purpose, we can live a sound life. This is not a perfect life.The goal here is to develop within the believer a GOD-glorifying, passionate, life-changing, life-stabilizing, difference-making, soul-satisfying, distinctly Biblical way of living that influences your world for GOD's glory! 

HHT aspires to be a place committed to the genuine worship of GOD.  Indeed, GOD calls His people out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Christ for the express purpose of worshiping Him (I Peter 2:9). 

The lives of GOD's people are to be an expression of worship.  Therefore, HHT provides the opportunity for  believers to express their inner desire for GOD during our worship services.

Our approach to every aspect of ministry at HHT is to build believers from the inside out; beginning with genuine conversion and authentic experiences with GOD, His Word and His people .  The believer experiences the joyous effects of a strong spiritual foundation in his/her home, work, community, church, and beyond. 

We seek to worship GOD authentically (John 4:24).  It is our desire to worship GOD as He desires to be worshiped; to say about GOD what He says about Himself (in the Bible).  We make every effort to have our songs, prayers, and sermons speak of Christ and not ourselves (II Cor. 4:5).  With this in mind, we offer worship that finds its roots in the past, its relevance with the present, and its reach pointing to the future.

Getting you connected to GOD, His word and His people!

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