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HHT: A Christian Church in Baltimore, Maryland

Holy Hill Tabernacle Getting you connected to GOD, His word and His people!

Do you know the two most important questions you need to ask when looking for a church to join?

One: Ask, "Is the Word of GOD faithfully and clearly explained?"

Two: Ask, "What does that church believe and teach?" 

We're persuaded that the Church must not be so broadly open that it fails to make vitally important distinctions in accord with the teachings of the Bible.  By the same token, we don't insist that every person share the same precise set of theological convictions on every matter; there are negotiables and non-negotiables, essentials and non-essentials related to doctrinal characteristics.  Therefore, Holy Hill Tabernacle is and will be characterized by the following terms:

We Are Evangelical
This means that we stand alongside those who believe in what is commonly referred to as the "fundamentals" of the Christian faith, namely: (1)the existence of the triune GOD, (2)the complete humanity and deity of Jesus Christ, (3)the virgin conception of Christ and His incarnation as the eternal Son of GOD, (4)the utter sinfulness of all humanity, (5)the substitutionary death of Christ as the only way of salvation, (6)the physical resurrection of Christ, (7)His certain return, (8)salvation by GOD's grace alone, through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone, and (9)the infallibility and divine authority of the Bible as a faithful and authentic guide to what we are to believe (faith) and how we are to live (practice).  We joyfully affirm this unity with those from various denominational backgrounds, even those with whom we may have theological or doctrinal disagreements.
We Are Evangelistic
This means we are serious about the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20: "Go and make disciples of all nations."  Jesus calls us to follow Him - to be His disciples. We're not merely asked to "pray a prayer", hope for the best and live a life of our own choosing. And without compromising GOD's 
sovereignty, we affirm the responsibility of every follower of Jesus Christ to extend the message of the Gospel, the call to salvation, to everyone who would receive its message.  This GOD-given privilege and responsibility manifests itself locally and internationally as we (1) declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our personal and congregational evangelistic efforts and (2) through missions opportunities and support.

We Are Reformed
The word "Reformed" can be defined very simply in two ways: First, it's a reference to our historical link to the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century and describes us as heirs of the tradition that comes from Luther, Calvin, Knox, and other Reformers of the Church.  Second, the word "Reformed" is used most commonly to refer to certain theological distinctive that have marked Reformational believers. Specifically, those who embrace what have come to be known as "the doctrines of grace".  These Biblical distinctions can be identified in the acrostic, 
G.R.A.C.E. GOD's Sovereignty in all His creation, including His providence and election of believers, apart from any merit of their own. Radical Depravity says that every person is initially dead in sin and entirely defiled in all his/her faculties of soul and body. Accomplished Redemption says Christ's death did not make salvations possible for His people, but that GOD's redemption for His people was accomplished by Christ's death. Called Effectually speaks to the efficacious nature of GOD's salvation. Not only do those appointed to salvation receive the outward call of the Gospel message, they're first made alive spiritually by the Holy Spirit. Endurance of the Saints is our culminating point. GOD preserves those who come to faith through the efficacious work of redemption, accomplished through Jesus Christ. Believers are preserved through this life to eternal life.

These distinctives can be best summed up by our assertion of the responsibility of every person to repent and believe, and that it is GOD who, by His sovereign electing grace, draws men, women and children, who are otherwise dead in sin, to saving faith in His Son Jesus Christ.  By this faith alone are GOD's people justified.

We desire and seek to hold to our Reformed convictions humbly, recognizing the sincerity and earnestness of godly men and women who embrace differing positions.
We Are Committed to Doctrinal Soundness
This is primarily expressed by means of a doctrinal statement that we believe is a good and accurate summary of the Bible's teachings.  We certainly recognize that our expression of Biblical truth is not flawless, yet we believe it to be a carefully worded summary of the Bible's content.  It is essential to note that every church in some way summarizes its convictions in some form, so as to distinguish its members from those who are not believers or those who do not embrace their church's distinctives.

Getting you connected to GOD, His word and His people!

(adapted from the Theological Distinctives of East Point Church , East Point, Georgia: Anthony J. Carter, Pastor)

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